Buy Microphone Stands Online

Buying microphone stands online is an excellent way to save a lot of money. You can compare the different prices of different stands and get the best deals. You will also be able to find the stand that is perfect for your particular needs. You can find a variety of stands for different uses such as mic stands for your voice recording, boom stands for your microphone, and more.
Samson MK10 Lightweight Microphone Boom Stand

Among the plethora of microphone stands on the market, the Samson MK10 is a clear cut winner. A sleek black finish, a durable steel construction and the standard mic clip make it the go to stand. The best part is that it will not break the bank. A small but efficient price tag makes this the perfect stand for the professional recording studio. A bonus is that it folds up nicely for optimum storage and transport. A well chosen microphone can only enhance one’s overall audio experience. The Samson MK10 is the best suited stand for any recording studio. One could only wish for a better selection.
Konig & Meyer MS7201B Round-Base Microphone Stand

Despite its weight, the MS7201B Round-Base Microphone Stand provides excellent stability and durability. It is constructed from heavy yet lightweight materials and is designed for a wide range of demanding conditions.

The gooseneck is 360 deg adjustable, and includes 6 non-slip pads. Its quality and stability are second to none. It is easy to install and adjust.

The K&M round cast iron base Microphone Stand is one of the most popular models, with a generous height adjustment range of 34″-62″. The rubber insert on the base reduces vibrations and makes it easier to set up.

The sturdy design of the stand makes it great for miking drum kits, kick drums, and snare drums. The round base makes it more solid than the tripod counterparts, so it is more likely to stay put on a stage.
Tripod boom stands

Depending on your needs, you can find many different types of tripod boom stands for microphone. A quality stand is one of the best investments you can make for your live rig. These are also useful for recording vocals and instruments without the need of your hands.

A quality stand should have a durable base and components, and should not fall apart. Some stands feature replaceable parts, and are designed for use with various types of microphones.

Unlike a tripod stand, a boom stand extends far beyond the floor. If you’re recording drums, a telescopic boom stand may be the best choice for you.
Desk mic stands

Having a microphone stand is a practical investment. Using one can help you minimize the risk of damaging your equipment and can improve the sound quality of your recordings. It can also give you a professional look, making it a useful tool for singer-songwriters, orators, podcasters, gamers, and other audio professionals.

Depending on the type of microphone you use, there are a few different types of stands. These include tabletop, desktop, and boom stands. While they’re all designed to secure a microphone, they vary in size and design.

The XLR mic stand is an example of a good quality, well-constructed stand. It features a sturdy steel construction and adjustable clamps that allow it to be positioned at a variety of angles.
Boom arms

Whether you’re recording a podcast, doing live broadcasts or just working on your home studio, a boom arm will free up your desk space and give you easy access to your microphone. Boom arms are also a great solution if you’re using a drum stand that has limited space.

The best boom arms are made from durable materials and come with a cable management system. This allows you to keep the cable neatly in place. You also want a boom arm that has a solid clamp that will prevent it from sagging as you use it.

Some of the best boom arms have a sturdy mount that’s able to rotate 360 degrees. They can also be attached to a desk with a clamp.

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