Rush Digital, based in New York and Auckland and one of the world’s leading creative technology studios, is to become a strategic partner of the New Zealand VR/AR Association (NZVRARA).

Global VP Sales & Marketing, Ghanum Taylor will become a strategic partner on the NZVRARA board and Rush Digital will drive the Auckland arm of the organisation.

Since setting up in September 2016 to champion and grow innovation and investment in the burgeoning virtual, mixed and augmented reality businesses in New Zealand and showcase them globally, NZVRARA has already recruited a membership heading towards 100 creative organisations and individuals.

The NZVRARA is the official New Zealand chapter of the International VRAR Association,  a global association, combining the best minds in virtual and augmented reality providing global connectivity for its members.

The New Zealand chapter is also supported by the BAFTA VR Advisory Group based in Los Angeles.

New Zealand is recognised as a country that is at the forefront of the VRAR industry.

“New Zealand has shown extraordinary success in the development of VR/AR technology, particularly in the development of ground-breaking VFX and computer animation to enhance the visual panorama of cinematic story telling.  We welcome NZVRARA joining our international group of VR/AR innovators and the mutual benefits of our relationship,” said Roy Taylor, Chairman, BAFTA VR Advisory Group.

“We are encouraging membership from all parts of the creative industries, organisations and individuals, as virtual, mixed and augmented reality becomes more integrated into all innovative creative thinking,” said Executive Director Jessica Manins,

“And having a leader in the industry such as Rush Digital put their hand up to be one of our active champions is a major coup.”

“Being a New Zealand business in the US we are right at the heart of this rapidly growing sector and we’re proud to be a partner in these early days of NZVRARA. We recognise the importance of collaboration and the unlimited potential of New Zealand’s future in this field and we can’t wait to leverage our international experience for the association’, said Rush Digital’s Ghanum Taylor.



The New Zealand VR/AR Association (NZVRARA) is the New Zealand chapter of the VRARA – a global association, combining the best minds in virtual and augmented reality.   The board is made up of 16 executives across New Zealand.

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About Rush Digital:

Rush Digital uses cutting-edge digital engineering and a unique breadth of skillsets to converge advanced development into outcome-driven solutions, whilst endowing partners with original, bespoke methodologies for navigating the forthcoming technological revolution. They are on a journey to share their deep understanding of rapid engineering, create world-first solutions and devise astute innovation strategies. They are regarded throughout the industry as the fail-safe team to turn to, as well as the outfit who has been pushing boundaries across the board since 2010.

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