What is Green Building?


Green building refers to the way in which a building is constructed and an integrated approach to the use of environmentally sustainable processes and materials during the building process: from designing to construction, from design to maintenance, from design to operation, from construction to demolition, and from operation to rehabilitation. Green building can be defined as a holistic approach to construction and its management by employing sustainable building practices and materials in order to reduce the impact on the environment while still ensuring that a building meets all building requirements and provides safe and effective living spaces.

Sustainable building practices and materials can include, but are not limited to, : reducing waste, minimizing the impact of waste by incorporating recycling in your design, or using renewable resources for everything from the construction materials to the floor covering, insulation, and windows. By combining these practices with materials and techniques that reduce energy use and, where possible, reduce the amount of toxic chemicals that you use, you are taking a step towards making your building greener.

Building green means that you can feel good about the way your building is designed. It also means being able to look at it in a few years and see it looking exactly as it did when you first laid the foundations. In other words, you will have a building that is a great investment that will last for many years.

Modern buildings today are becoming more efficient by the day. This translates into a reduction in energy consumption as well as the elimination of dangerous emissions and waste.

Another reason why green building is attractive is that it ensures that your building’s design is functional and effective. Green construction ensures that the building can be easily moved or changed, and that it offers efficient operation.

A more efficient building is able to make use of energy better and use less. This reduces the need for cooling and heating systems as well as reducing electrical power consumption. This in turn allows for a significant increase in operational efficiency, which is another reason why green construction is so popular.

Other sustainable building practices include: using recycled materials where possible, including building components that are made out of recycled glass and metal, as well as using the lowest cost materials possible in the fabrication of the building itself. This reduces energy costs and environmental damage.

By following the steps that are outlined above, you will find that the energy efficiency of your building is increased as well as its lifespan. Reduced noise is another benefit, and a reduction in toxic emissions. It also means that you will have a building that lasts longer. All of these factors combine to create a green building that not only looks better than traditional buildings, but that it also lasts longer, while meeting all building needs.

Today there are a number of different types of green buildings. There are buildings designed to be energy efficient and to make use of new technology such as energy-efficient windows and heating and cooling systems. There are even buildings designed to meet the requirements of energy efficient buildings and the Green Building Institute.

In addition, there are buildings designed to meet the needs of the elderly and disabled. In fact, some of these buildings are designed to provide wheelchair access.

Because of the need for green building practices, there are now several green building certifications, so that you can be sure that your building meets the criteria set forth by the standards set forth by the green building institute. Some of these certifications are: LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy Conservation Design) certification. There are also many national certifications available to ensure that you are not only meeting the criteria of the local government, but to ensure that your building is considered one of the most energy efficient buildings in the country.

Energy efficiency is something that has become very important, both in our economy and in the development of our planet. Green building practices help to keep the environment safe as well as providing an economic boost for the country.

SEO Services in Auckland – Get More Visitors


The best way to get top rankings in the Google rankings is through the use of SEO service in Auckland. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a complex process that can only be handled by an expert and highly skilled professionals.

Engine Optimization in Auckland is the term that is used to describe any web site’s process of gaining higher rankings on the search engines. These can be achieved by employing several different techniques. The most common techniques include pay per click, article writing, blog posting, press release submission, social media marketing, social bookmarking tools.

The first and most important step when it comes to engine optimization in Auckland is getting as many backlinks as possible to the site. Many people fail to realize this, but a good website design will not only attract the right people but will also help increase their search engine ranking.

The best way to boost a search engine ranking is through keyword research and targeting of the right audience. Many people get carried away with trying to do this and end up with a site that does not have any useful content or a good site design.

Effective link building is important in increasing a site’s popularity. There are some tips to remember here; try not to try and get as many links as you can at once, as you could potentially ruin your reputation with search engines and get penalized.

An effective way to ensure you get top rankings for the keywords you are targeting is through keyword analysis. This will tell you how much competition there is for certain keywords and therefore how effective it will be to target your keywords.

The most important thing to remember about SEO in Auckland is that there are no shortcuts, no one size fits all methods. Each individual website has to be treated as its own individual entity. If you’re not careful, you might end up making a bad mistake and hurting your credibility with the search engines and end up getting penalized.

Search engine optimization is a very competitive field and there are so many ways to get yourself penalized that it’s impossible to list them all. But if you keep these simple rules in mind, you will help ensure you get the results you want quickly and easily.

The search engine that will work best for your website will depend on the type of visitors you have. Some sites tend to rank well with large numbers of visitors while others can be reached easily with a few hundred.

Getting higher rankings in the search engines will take time and effort, but is worth it if you are going to be able to generate the traffic you need to improve your profits and increase your search engine ranking. The higher you can rank, the easier it is to compete in the market.

Once you’ve identified your website and keywords, you’ll need to decide what you want to do to promote your website. Some people like to use a combination of social networking sites and article directories to get to the top of the rankings. Others prefer to focus more on the pay per click strategy and article marketing.

There are also tools you can use to boost your rankings, which include tools that monitor your position and can give you the latest search trends, which you can then put to use to advertise your website. Some of these include Google alerts, link popularity monitoring tools, and social bookmarking sites. You will need to use all of these in conjunction with your SEO services in Auckland to get a high ranking website.

Once you’ve found a list of keywords that you think will do well for your website, be sure to use them. There are some tools out there that are capable of performing an extensive keyword analysis and can give you the information you need to improve your online presence.

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SEO Expert in Auckland – How to Find One


The search engine optimization expert in Auckland is an important individual to have on your side as you strive for high rankings in the major search engines. Whether you are a web developer or a marketer, it is essential that you use the services of one of these specialists for the promotion of your business and website. However, you need to do a lot of research on the internet in order to find an appropriate SEO expert in Auckland who can do the work that is required of them.

This type of specialist is able to get you in touch with the more popular search engines, which provide the most effective marketing and SEO results. They will be able to help you boost your online presence which, in turn, means that your website will become more profitable. The first place to look is in the top search engines which include Google, MSN and Yahoo. Searching these engines will give you a lot of information so you can make the right decision regarding your search.

If you are looking to hire a search engine optimization specialist in Auckland, it is recommended that you look for reviews on the web. You can easily find reviews about the SEO experts in Auckland on the internet. You will be able to identify the people that work for this professional service in the Auckland area. There are also some sites on the internet which will give you reviews and feedback from past clients. The more reviews you have the better as you will be able to ensure that you are working with a reputable company that is worth paying for.

There are many websites that offer search engine optimization services that are specifically designed for businesses in the Auckland area. This type of service is not only suitable for the small businesses that are just starting out but also for the larger businesses that have been around for many years and are still growing. A good SEO expert in Auckland will be able to help you with the promotion of your website and you will be able to achieve higher rankings in the search engines.

When searching for a search engine optimization expert in Auckland, it is important that you search for companies that offer search engine optimization services for both the website and mobile phone and tablet-based sites. This is because it is not possible to promote all of these sites on the same day. You also need to search for companies that offer a one off fee for the services provided and if possible, a monthly plan. to pay for the ongoing management and maintenance of the website so you do not have to hire another professional in Auckland to perform this job every month.

The type of search engine optimization expert that you want should be able to provide the best results for your business or website is one which has been in the industry for some time. You want someone who is very knowledgeable in the field so that you do not end up hiring the wrong person and spending money again.

One thing that you will be able to use as part of your SEO search is to set up a link analysis which is used by the search engines to determine the link popularity of the websites that are being linked to. This is important as it will help to determine what kind of link building campaign should be used for a website to achieve the best results. Once you have this done then you will be able to choose what types of keywords should be used and how many links should be placed in order to ensure that the most successful online marketing campaign can be carried out.

As you start your search for an SEO professional in Auckland, it is advisable that you look for those companies that offer different packages as there are certain companies that specialize in SEO for specific types of websites and campaigns. There are some companies that will only do link building for a certain number of keywords while there are others who are capable of linking up to hundreds of different websites. There are also different packages offered depending upon the amount of money that you wish to spend but in general the more money you spend the better quality your website will be and the quicker it will grow.

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How Car Phone Holders Can Improve Your Car’s Looks


Car phone holders come in all shapes and sizes. There is always a holder for the latest model, with large buttons and volume knobs, a stylish clip, a large storage capacity, a simple one, or anything else that is needed to organize your cell phone or camera.

A mobile phone holder is made to hold the device at the optimal position for easy viewing of your screen while you are driving. They often attach to your air conditioner vent, or even have a soft suction pad for more permanent attachment to the windshield. A number of models now come with a retractable screen for added convenience and safety.

When shopping for a mobile phone holder, it’s important to determine what you will be using it for. Is it an occasional holder for your phone to keep it out of sight, or a permanent fixture to place your phone on? Is it to be used in your car or while travelling? The choice is yours. But, once you have decided upon the need for this holder, the next step is choosing the style that is best suited to your needs.

You’ll find many styles and models of mobile phone holders available in stores and on the internet. A quick search will provide you with plenty of options from which to choose. It’s important to understand exactly what you need to use the holder for. Do you need something small and compact, or large and heavy?

When choosing a holder, think about where you are going to place it. Is it going to be on your dashboard, on the console, on the floor, mounted on the roof, on the ceiling, inside the trunk?

Many car phones come with a built-in screen or come with a display that slides right off the phone. If this is the case, consider using a holder that has this feature.

Car phone holders come in different materials, from wood, steel, and glass. Some are even molded in plastic to be easy to install on a car’s exterior. Car holders can be placed anywhere on a car’s interior, as well.

Some car phone holders can be moved from one location to another if they are to be used while the car is in motion, such as in an automobile rental. You can purchase the correct mounting hardware and use car covers for the outside of the car in order to protect the phone.

You may also choose a portable phone holder that is designed to be carried in a purse or backpack and is lightweight and easy to set up. These devices are also ideal for keeping a mobile phone in your car’s glove box.

Car phones are made for a variety of uses. While a car is used for travel, it also serves as a personal computer, MP3 player, music player, entertainment center, GPS navigator, and more.

For people who plan on taking their phone with them wherever they go, a cell phone holder is the perfect way to maintain the function and appearance of your phone. With all the options for styles and models, there is sure to be one to fit your lifestyle.

You can even use your phone holder as a key chain or a luggage item. Or, you may simply want it in the front seat of your vehicle. Whatever your needs, the phone holder is sure to provide a handy tool to keep you organized.

If you purchase a car that already has a dashboard or console, you can easily find a cell phone holder to fit. There are plenty of stores and companies that specialize in car accessories and have many different styles and types of car accessories.

Car accessories can add to the value of your car. With these items, you can enhance the appearance and functionality of your car without much expense.

Shopping at different car accessory stores will enable you to compare prices and find the best deal on the right type of holder for your needs. Whatever the reasons you have for purchasing a car phone holder, you are sure to find a great option to suit your needs.


The NZVRARA (The New Zealand VR/AR Association Inc.) today announced a strategic partnership with Datacom, New Zealand’s largest Information Technology service provider, to support the fast-growing New Zealand virtual and mixed reality sector and accelerate adoption of immersive technologies by the New Zealand tertiary education sector.

The local VR/AR Association has identified a looming significant skill shortage of VR-capable graduates as it seeks to fill over 1,100 fulltime vacancies forecast in the next two years (NZVRARA Industry Survey, July 2017). In 2017 this drove the formation of a Student Chapter group to recognise and support tertiary undergraduates and post-graduate researchers with an interest in virtual and mixed reality. The NZVRARA Student Chapter has already grown to over 55 members from the Wellington region and is now expanding into Auckland with a goal of 100 student members by the end of March 2018.

As part of the partnership, Datacom has committed to supporting these 100 tertiary under- and post-graduate students to be members of the NZVRARA by meeting their annual membership fee for the 2018 year.

Datacom operates across Australasia, the UK and the USA, and so provides a channel for the delivery of immersive applications produced in collaboration with other NZVRARA members. The partnership intends to build New Zealand’s capability as a global testbed for the development of cross reality (VR/MR/AR) solutions.

Datacom Director, Vernon Kay, commented that VR/AR is a rapidly growing sector in New Zealand and internationally.

“There is a real opportunity with VR/AR to help the industry transform with immersive technology, and to create value and IP for New Zealand that we can take to the rest of the globe. To do this, we need to expand the graduate pool in VR/AR, so working with the association to encourage students into this area makes sense to us.”

NZVRARA’s first Student Chapter President, Courteney Lomas agrees. “We’re excited about the breadth of potential that partnering with Datacom offers. We have quickly seen that avenues for undergraduate advancement in VR are rapidly seized upon by our tertiary students. Broadening the range of graduate opportunities and expanding our reach across all the major New Zealand tertiary institutions can only happen, thanks to the contribution and inputs of companies such as Datacom,” states Ms Lomas.

The New Zealand VR/AR Association was established to champion, support and grow innovation in the virtual, augmented and mixed reality sectors throughout New Zealand with objectives of promoting collaboration, education, R&D and economic development for the benefit of its over 110 sector members.

Michael Gregg, NZVRARA Chair, welcomes Datacom into the Association. “As one of New Zealand’s most innovative companies in virtual and mixed reality, we expect to see a wide range of benefits for both partners and for the New Zealand VR community, arising from this partnership,” says Mr Gregg.

Michael Gregg
Chair, New Zealand VR/AR Association
Mobile 021 838 583 or [email protected]


The NZVRARA (New Zealand VR/AR Association) and specialist XR co-sharing space, PROJECTR Wellington are now halfway through a wide-ranging strategic partnership to accelerate the growth of the virtual and augmented reality sector from Wellington.

PROJECTR Wellington, founded by virtual reality industry leader Michael Gregg, opened in February last year as a collaborative AR/MR/VR co-working, R&D project hub and events venue.

The facility provides desk space to cross reality (XR) startups and entrepreneurs, to student interns and tertiary sector researchers, and to allow for collaborative projects to be undertaken in a neutral environment, together with access to leading immersive technology hardware and event facilities.

Already, PROJECTR® has provided the desk of the NZVRARA Executive Director since that role’s inception, and home for the monthly meetings of the Association’s Executive Committee. The 2017 AGM was held at PROJECTR® Wellington, as well as the inaugural NZVRARA Student Chapter Exhibition. This strategic partnership formalises the provision of workspace, events space, hosting of industry events and access to equipment for the NZVRARA.

Within the broad digital realities sector, PROJECTR® is well-placed to align tertiary talent with industry needs, develop local solutions for global challenges and connect New Zealand talent internationally. The PROJECTR® residents extend beyond VR and AR practitioners to include AI (artificial intelligence), 3D motion graphics and other innovators, with cross-disciplinary collaboration a powerful reason many enjoy this unique space.

The strategic partnership between PROJECTR® and the NZVRARA was executed in July 2017 to formalise the roles of both organisations to work together to accelerate the education, development and evolution of this creative sector for the benefit of New Zealand, whilst ensuing a clear demarcation between the education and industry proselytisation role of the Association and the benefits that PROJECTR® delivers specifically for its resident base.

As part of this partnership, PROJECTR® which now houses over 16 high-growth company tenants, is a corporate member of the NZVRARA. The partnership allows for Association members’ innovative technology solutions to be showcased in Wellington.

The NZVRARA will run its Wellington operations from PROJECTR Wellington for the duration of this partnership at no charge.

PROJECTR® Founder, Michael Gregg is enthusiastic about the arrangement saying, “… the reason I was adamant about the need for both the Association and for PROJECTR® XR Centres is that innovation accelerates when passionate people can collaborate, share their vision and collectively work together to drive our embryonic industry forward.”

Mr Gregg was at the centre of the establishment of the New Zealand VR/AR Association and has served as its founding chair for the first two terms of its existence. He is now proceeding to establish additional PROJECTR® XR Centres in other VR-centric locations such as Taipei, Taiwan (the global home of VR) and Los Angeles, California to focus on cinematic reality.

NZVRARA Executive Director, Courteney Lomas, has been based at PROJECTR Wellington since July 2017.


The NZVRARA (New Zealand VR/AR Association Inc.) and M Theory have signed a strategic partnership aimed to drive greater collaboration and export growth of VR and AR solutions.

Co-Founder of M Theory and Managing Director, Sam Ramlu will join the NZVRARA Board and is pledging to advocate for greater engagement between those New Zealand VR and AR companies producing marketing communications solutions, to build the scale necessary to secure international projects.

“We need to come together to showcase our work internally, work on our compatibility and capability, and work together to present a consortium of VR/AR skills to the outside world,” enthuses Sam.

In May 2017, Auckland-based creative agency, Method, launched a specialist augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) arm, M Theory, to increase capacity and to further invest in creative solutions using these digital technologies.

Despite the technology being new, Sam and her team delivered their first commercial VR experience in 2015 for Unitec and have already produced a wide range of brand experiences since, including an immersive tour of the digital advertising sites for QMS’ commuter network, and virtual and augmented reality experiences for Contact Energy, NZ Post, Panuku Development Auckland, and Torrens University Australia. They also partnered with other NZVRARA members, Staples Productions and AR/VR Garage to deliver an interactive tour of the Kumeu Film Studios.

Their AR and VR retelling of James Hurman’s ‘The Boy and the Lemon’ has been invited to exhibit at ‘The Future of Storytelling’, the world’s leading immersive storytelling event, to be held in New York in October 2017. Sam will be visiting New York and Los Angeles during October and will post field reports for NZVRARA members. We’re looking forward to a report from THE VOID (https://www.thevoid.com/) in New York, Sam!

For the NZVRARA, this strategic partnership formalises the roles of both organisations to work closer together to speed up the growth of the VR/AR sector for the benefit of New Zealand – a key objective of the Association.

NZVRARA Chair, Michael Gregg comments that the work has already begun, “With the support of M Theory, we have committed to presenting on the VR/AR sector and its members at the November Auckland ad:tech, and to hosting an Auckland summer speaker series to bring the industry closer to the sector. I encourage our members and industry participants to make the most of these opportunities to work together more closely to build the scale needed to engage meaningfully offshore.”

The New Zealand VR/AR Association is the official New Zealand chapter of the global VRARA (www.thevrara.com) and celebrated its first anniversary in September ’17. Current strategic partners of the NZVRARA include M Theory, AR/VR Garage, Blackeye VR and PROJECTR.


For more on M Theory:
Samantha Ramlu
Managing Director, M Theory
Mobile +64 21 605 510 or [email protected]

For NZVRARA information, or to arrange member access to the AR/VR Garage:
Courteney Lomas
Executive Director, NZVRARA
Mobile 027 738 9340 or [email protected]

For more on the NZVRARA:
Michael Gregg
Mobile 021 838 583 or [email protected]


Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) retellings of James Hurman’s The Boy and the Lemon will be in the global spotlight at The Future of Storytelling, the world’s leading immersive storytelling event, held in New York in October.

Showcasing New Zealand’s creative talent on the world stage, the project is an all-kiwi collaboration between M Theory, the specialist VR/AR arm of creative agency Method, author James Hurman and illustrator Juliet Burton.

Developed by Auckland-based M Theory, the virtual reality experience brings to life the charming story of Jack, a boy whose house is crushed by a giant lemon from outer space. A tale of luck teaching life’s most magical lesson – how to be lucky – Jack’s adventures are brought to life in a fully immersive virtual reality environment combining audio narrative and hand-painted pop-up style illustrations.

M Theory has also built an augmented reality version, via a downloadable phone and tablet app, which overlays the physical book with 3D scenes and makes the illustrations appear to come alive alongside the audio narrative. Both the AR and VR versions create a rich and magical story experience for kids and adults alike. The AR app will be available from the iOS and Google App Stores in early October.

M Theory Managing Director Sam Ramlu says she was stunned but thrilled to receive the invitation from the organisers of The Future of Storytelling: “It came out of the blue, we weren’t expecting it at all. This event is one of the most prestigious on the creative tech calendar, with just over 100 exhibits of work from around the world. The Boy and the Lemon will be the only New Zealand project at the festival and we’re very proud to showcase the creative and technical abilities to be found in the VR/AR industry here.”

The project was recommended to the festival organisers by Gabo Arora, Creative Director and Senior Advisor at the United Nations, and an award-winning filmmaker. Gabo’s critically acclaimed work includes Clouds Over Sidra, Waves of Grace, My Mother’s Wing and most recently The Last Goodbye. Gabo experienced The Boy and the Lemon story in AR and VR earlier this year when he was in Auckland for the Story Edge World Exhibition.

Sam Ramlu has been recently invited to join the Board of the New Zealand VR and AR Association (NZVRARA) and is pledging to advocate for greater collaboration within the local industry to build the scale necessary to secure international projects. “We need to come together to showcase our work internationally, work on our compatibility and capability, and work together to present a consortium of VR/AR skills to the outside world,” she says.

M Theory is the specialist AR and VR arm of leading creative innovations agency Method, based in Auckland, NZ. M Theory focuses on delivering interactive, immersive and awe-inspiring experiences through a range of AR and VR services. This includes 360 video post-production, 3D modelling and digital storytelling, along with computer-generated imagery, app and game development. One of the earliest adopters and practitioners in New Zealand’s AR and VR industry, Method has been producing cutting edge AR/VR projects for local and international clients for several years and the launch of M Theory has enabled the agency to increase its capacity and further invest in the technology.

The world’s leading immersive storytelling event, The Future of Storytelling will be held on Staten Island, NY, on 4-8 October 2017. A showcase of the very best interactive, cutting-edge storytelling experiences from around the world, the festival includes over 100 exhibits – many of them world premieres – including the best in VR, AR, mixed reality, haptics, AI, games, and interactive films, alongside the latest immersive technologies from Microsoft, Oculus, Samsung, and others. The event kicks off with an invitation-only Summit, gathering a mix of leading thinkers and practitioners from diverse fields who are shaping the art, science, and business of storytelling in the 21st century. https://futureofstorytelling.org


The NZVRARA (The New Zealand VR/AR Association Inc.) is to release a 120-page report titled ‘VIRTUAL GETS REAL’ about the current New Zealand Cross Reality ecosystem at a launch event from 4pm, Thursday 19th October 2017, at the Industry Connect facility within the AR/VR Garage in Auckland’s Mt Eden suburb.

The first of two commissioned reports, VIRTUAL GETS REAL reviews the global sector and what’s happening in New Zealand with a deep dive into each of the three main centres: Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. It provides an oversight to some of the current research and development activity underway and takes a particular look at the role of VR in architecture. It also includes the aggregated results of the first survey undertaken by the sector. The survey enjoyed a high response rate, thanks to active contributions by Association members and industry participants, many of who are highlighted throughout the text.

This book will be available to download from the NZVRARA website from the 20th October, with a small number of hard copies available to those attending the launch function. To register for the event, please go to http://bit.ly/2wX7xZF .

The second of the two reports, GOING NEXT LEVEL, is slated for release at the end of November 2017. This book will include a comprehensive independent assessment of the potential value of the sector to New Zealand and consider the value of cross reality in delivering productivity gains to other sectors. In addition to this robust analysis, the report includes a deep dive into games & entertainment, the role of the screen sector, education, and engineering. The second report will provide insights into potential channels for securing international business for Association members, and highlight possible gaps to be addressed in order to secure the sector’s future.

VIRTUAL GETS REAL was commissioned by NZVRARA and authored by Chair, Michael Gregg, in partnership with the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE), NZTech, Jasmax, WREDA, ChristchurchNZ, ATEED and Callaghan Innovation. Produced for the Association by Blackeye VR, the report follows the style of the initial BlackpaperOne™ self-published and released by that company in March 2017.

The timing of 4pm on Thursday 19th October allows those attending the New Zealand Innovation Awards in Auckland to first enjoy a celebratory glass to toast VIRTUAL GETS REAL at the AR/VR Garage before heading down to the Awards evening.

NZVRARA Executive Director, Courteney Lomas, who has enjoyed early access to the first volume, is confident that there’s something interesting in the book for all those working or studying in the sector, or seeking services from sector organisations. “The numerous case studies about sector start-ups, research projects and local innovation should give pride to this nascent immersive technology industry,” says Courteney.

These reports represent a strategic investment into promoting the fast-growing New Zealand wider VR/AR/MR sector and accelerate adoption of virtual and augmented reality technologies within New Zealand organisations – at the heart of the objectives of the New Zealand VR/AR Association.

The New Zealand VR/AR Association was established to champion, support and grow innovation in the virtual, augmented and mixed reality sectors throughout New Zealand with objectives of promoting collaboration, education, R&D and economic development for the benefit of its over 100 sector members. These reports provide a cornerstone resource to educate potential clients of sector companies, to inform local and central government agencies and department staff of the scale and potential of the cross reality sector, and to assist sector organisations to identify possible partners for project collaborations.

UPDATE: Visit here to download a copy of the VIRTUAL GETS REAL report.


Courteney Lomas
Executive Director, NZVRARA
Mobile 027 738 9340 or [email protected]

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The NZVRARA (The New Zealand VR/AR Association Inc. – that’s us!) has reached agreement with New Zealand VRAR (New Zealand Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Association Inc.) to bring New Zealand VRAR members into the NZVRARA and to combine their digital and social media assets.

The NZVRARA is the official New Zealand chapter of the global VRARA (www.thevrara.com) and formally incorporated in September 2016. The New Zealand VRAR’s incorporated society formed in November 2016 with similar objectives, which made it logical to bring the two entities together.

The NZVRARA was established to champion, support and grow innovation in the virtual, augmented and mixed reality sectors throughout New Zealand. Its objectives include promoting collaboration, education, R&D and economic development for the benefit of its sector members.

“Both organisations agreed that it was not sensible to have duplicated resources, so from today, members of New Zealand VRAR are excited to join and participate in NZVRARA activities as a single organisation,” said Tom Reidy, current Chair of New Zealand VRAR, which is embarking on the process of winding up its entity.

NZVRARA Chair, Michael Gregg, is delighted to have the industry unified as a single voice. “Our Board has an ambitious plan of membership activity in place for the rest of the 2017/18 year and launches its sector report: Virtual Gets Real, in September. To be able to offer these events, workshops and opportunities to the entire local VR/AR community is pleasing.”

Members of the disbanding group will be transferred into the NZVRARA. This, and the rapid growth of the Association’s national Student Chapter, plus planning for October workshops and a summer Speaker Series, is all keeping the NZVRARA’s Executive Director, Courteney Lomas, very busy. “It’s a great time to be part of our virtual and augmented reality community,” says Courteney. Prospective members are encouraged to join the Association at www.nzvrara.nz.


Michael Gregg
Mobile 021 83 85 83 or [email protected]

Tom Reidy
Chair, New Zealand VRAR
Mobile 021 77 92 98 or [email protected]

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