Max Cases Review – Protect Your iPhone 13 Pro From the Elements, Water, Dust and Impacts

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Tough protection meets smart functionality in an array of case options for Chromebook and iPad tablets. Choose from sleek sleeves, hand straps and convenient work-in cases.

Watertight line

Designed to protect fragile equipment and valuables from water, dust, and impacts, the Max Cases’ Watertight line is a great option for transporting electronic devices, cameras, and other fragile items. It is also the perfect case for taking photos and videos underwater, thanks to its raised camera lens and easily accessible ports.

It is made of high-quality materials that are safe to use and free of lead, DEHP, PAHS8, DBP, and BBP. It also features seamless reactive buttons, a secure handgrip, and MagSafe charging compatibility.

Its rugged injection molded design is a great choice for protecting sensitive items. It can be loaded with cubed foam, custom dividers, or purchased empty. It is also easy to use and offers an excellent warranty. It has one minor flaw, however: the middle latch often flexes, causing users to have difficulty closing it.


A tough case is a great way to protect your device from the elements, water, dust, impacts, and other damage. It provides superior protection for your device while also allowing it to access all ports and features. It is ideal for people in a variety of professions, including military, photography, marine, scuba diving, fishing and hunting.

Built to withstand a beating, this rugged iPhone 15 Pro Max case is packed with extreme impact foam under durable layers. Its clear transparent design looks sleek and is resistant to scratches and scuffs. Its durable construction is lightweight and slim with precise cutouts for all ports and buttons. It also comes with a handy Stash Stand for hands-free viewing and is compatible with all twist lock and magnetic mounts.


When choosing a case for your iPhone 13 pro max, it’s important to consider its durability. There are plenty of different options available, from plastic and silicone to carbon fiber and leather. You should also consider your budget and aesthetic preferences. You may prefer a slim case that adds minimal bulk, a wallet style with a compartment for cards or cash, or a clear case that lets you show off the design of your phone.

Peak Design has a great looking case that’s made from recycled Tech21 cases and returns, and includes a strong magnetic alignment for charging. It’s also made from anodised aluminium, which is infinitely recyclable. However, it does have a cutout for the Action button, which might be a drawback if you need to use this frequently.


MAXCases protect devices that keep people learning, working, and playing in the classroom and on the go. Their products are made with high-quality materials and come loaded with features found in more expensive cases. Their lightweight cases are also designed for easy transportation and feature MagSafe wireless charging. They also provide custom colors, logos, and MAXProtec antibacterial upgrades.

MAX Cases are IP67 certified, tough, durable and reliable. They can be used for a variety of applications, including marine, photography & broadcasting, scuba diving, hunting, fishing, military, medical and special corps.

BlackBrook Case has just launched a new case solution for Apple’s AirPods Max, designed to fit with or without its own Smart Case. The company also makes cases for the iPhone, iPad, and AirTag.


Max Cases are designed to offer superior protection from the elements, water, dust and impacts when transporting fragile and valuable items. They are IP67, ATA300 and military certified. The cases can be used in various industries including marine, photography & broadcasting, scuba diving, outdoor sports and more. These cases are also affordable and can be purchased in bulk.

If you are a Deadhead, there is no better way to show your love for the Grateful Dead than with a groovy tie-dye Max Case. This durable case will protect your Chromebook, laptop and tablet while also providing the perfect background for your next road trip. It is available for most models and features MagSafe, a sleek sleeve design, and biodegradable product and packaging. It is an excellent choice for students and business travelers.

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