Manuka Honey Blend – A Delicious Balance of New Zealand’s Specialty Honeys

Adding honey to your diet is an easy way to sweeten your favourite foods. It also provides some extra nutritional benefits.

Honey is a natural sweetener that supports healthy blood sugar levels and may help soothe your throat. However, it’s important to be aware of the potential side effects.

Manuka Honey & Kanuka Honey

Manuka honey blend comes from the nectar of the Leptospermum scoparium (manuka) plant which is native to New Zealand. Hives located in areas with dense patches of the plant produce the best and purest manuka honey. It is also known as monofloral manuka honey.

While all honey has antibacterial properties, the unique manuka honey made its name as an effective wound healer. It has been found to stimulate the growth of skin cells, reduce swelling and pain from burns and other injuries. The non-peroxide activity (NPA) of manuka honey is attributed to its high level of dicarbonyl methylglyoxal (MG) which is produced by the enzyme glucose oxidase in the presence of water.

Although all raw honey is beneficial for digestion, kanuka honey has shown to be especially helpful for stomach ailments like acid reflux and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). It can improve the overall health of your digestive system by stimulating the proliferation of intestinal bacteria and helping with digestion of food.

Manuka Honey & Kamahi Honey

A delicious balance of New Zealand’s unique and special Manuka honey combined with a selection of other rich, herbaceous New Zealand bush honeys. Produced in one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand, Fiordland, this raw, multi-floral blend has a high MGO (methylglyoxal) rating and passes the NZ Manuka Honey Science Definition test as required by the NZ Manuka Honey Export Authority.

Methylglyoxal is the active compound that makes Manuka honey unique and set apart from other types of honey. The higher the MGO level, the more medicinal and stronger the honey’s antibacterial properties.

MGO levels are usually indicated on the label along with UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) ratings. Manuka honey can be taken straight off the spoon, drizzled over yogurt or sprinkled on toast, and it is often used in herbal teas to soothe a sore throat. Some studies have shown that it can reduce the symptoms of cold and flu. It can also help manage side effects from chemotherapy by controlling the growth of bacteria that causes mucositis in the digestive tract.

Manuka Honey & Orange Peel

Honey is known for a wide range of health benefits. It can soothe a sore throat, help heal wounds and reduce inflammation. It also has antibacterial properties and can help with digestive issues. It has been shown to improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, such as diarrhea and constipation. It can also boost immunity and protect against cancer cells.

It can be added to food and drinks, such as yoghurt, porridge or stirred into hot water. It is recommended that you don’t give honey to babies under one year old as it may contain bacteria that can cause botulism, a rare but serious illness.

When purchasing manuka honey, check that it is from New Zealand and carries the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) mark. The higher the UMF rating, the more potent and expensive the honey. This face mask combines Manuka Honey with Lotus Flower and Aloe extracts to leave your skin hydrated, protected and balanced.

Manuka Honey & Lemon Peel

Manuka honey contains a unique compound called methylglyoxal (MGO) which helps to reduce inflammation internally and externally. It also has natural antibacterial properties which help to cleanse the skin and reduce breakouts.

It is great for boosting your immune system, aiding digestion and improving common cold symptoms. It can also be used topically to treat acne, burns and wounds. Choose a high-grade UMF product with a label that states the UMF level for the best results.

Up-level your summer drink with a splash of manuka honey! This recipe combines fresh lemons, a hint of mint and the healing properties of manuka honey. It’s a refreshing and healthy drink for any occasion. It’s the perfect alternative to sugary drinks packed with processed ingredients and preservatives. Enjoy!

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