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The NZVRARA (The New Zealand VR/AR Association Inc.) and Wellington-based Blackeye VR Limited have announced a strategic partnership between the two entities to jointly promote the fast-growing New Zealand VR/AR sector and accelerate adoption of virtual and augmented reality technologies within New Zealand organisations.

Blackeye VR was founded in September 2016, the same month as the Association incorporated its organisation, and since then has focused its early efforts on educating New Zealand companies about the benefits of adopting virtual, augmented and mixed reality solutions through its consulting activities.

Since July 2017, Blackeye and the NZVRARA have been working closely together to produce an informative report on the current state of the wider cross reality sector. A second companion report is planned to be released later in 2017. As a Strategic Partner, Blackeye is providing funds and an in-kind contribution to help accelerate the growth of the industry.

Blackeye VR director and shareholder, Michael Gregg was the founding Chair of the NZVRARA Incorporated and is currently serving his second term as Chair and Executive Committee member.

The company was pivotal in the establishment of Wellington’s XR industry co-working, collaborative R&D and events space, PROJECTR and remains a cornerstone shareholder in this industry-good initiative.

The New Zealand VR/AR Association was established to champion, support and grow innovation in the virtual, augmented and mixed reality sectors throughout New Zealand with objectives of promoting collaboration, education, R&D and economic development for the benefit of its over 100 sector members.

This strategic partnership formalises the roles of both organisations to work together to accelerate the education, development and evolution of this burgeoning sector.

Blackeye’s Michael Gregg is passionate about supporting collaboration between sector companies as a way of accelerating expansion. “I’m really excited about using immersive technologies to create stories and build brands. I believe we have a window of opportunity as a sector to leverage our position as an early adopting nation,” states Michael.

Blackeye is focusing on Singapore and Los Angeles as early stage locations to seek international assignments. Michael is confident this is the best way for his business to expand and acknowledges a powerful role for the NZVRARA in making this happen. “We are building a strong base of early expertise here talking to and working with a wide range of New Zealand sector companies, and I’m excited about the potential of being a part of taking this shared capability offshore to assist international brands and grow a strong export business. Being a member of the NZVRARA has introduced me to a motivated group of like-minded colleagues.”

NZVRARA Executive Director, Courteney Lomas agrees. “Having the NZVRARA as a talent aggregator and sector promoter, an educator and a networking resource for our industry represents a fantastic opportunity for all of our members to grow and having strategic partners such as Blackeye can help make all of this happen faster.”



Blackeye VR Ltd:
Michael Gregg
Managing Director, Blackeye VR Ltd
Mobile 021 838 583 or

Courteney Lomas
Executive Director, NZVRARA
Mobile 027 738 9340 or

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The NZVRARA (New Zealand VR/AR Association Inc.) and M Theory have signed a strategic partnership aimed to drive greater collaboration and export growth of VR and AR solutions.

Co-Founder of M Theory and Managing Director, Sam Ramlu will join the NZVRARA Board and is pledging to advocate for greater engagement between those New Zealand VR and AR companies producing marketing communications solutions, to build the scale necessary to secure international projects.

“We need to come together to showcase our work internally, work on our compatibility and capability, and work together to present a consortium of VR/AR skills to the outside world,” enthuses Sam.

In May 2017, Auckland-based creative agency, Method, launched a specialist augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) arm, M Theory, to increase capacity and to further invest in creative solutions using these digital technologies.

Despite the technology being new, Sam and her team delivered their first commercial VR experience in 2015 for Unitec and have already produced a wide range of brand experiences since, including an immersive tour of the digital advertising sites for QMS’ commuter network, and virtual and augmented reality experiences for Contact Energy, NZ Post, Panuku Development Auckland, and Torrens University Australia. They also partnered with other NZVRARA members, Staples Productions and AR/VR Garage to deliver an interactive tour of the Kumeu Film Studios.

Their AR and VR retelling of James Hurman’s ‘The Boy and the Lemon’ has been invited to exhibit at ‘The Future of Storytelling’, the world’s leading immersive storytelling event, to be held in New York in October 2017. Sam will be visiting New York and Los Angeles during October and will post field reports for NZVRARA members. We’re looking forward to a report from THE VOID ( in New York, Sam!

For the NZVRARA, this strategic partnership formalises the roles of both organisations to work closer together to speed up the growth of the VR/AR sector for the benefit of New Zealand – a key objective of the Association.

NZVRARA Chair, Michael Gregg comments that the work has already begun, “With the support of M Theory, we have committed to presenting on the VR/AR sector and its members at the November Auckland ad:tech, and to hosting an Auckland summer speaker series to bring the industry closer to the sector. I encourage our members and industry participants to make the most of these opportunities to work together more closely to build the scale needed to engage meaningfully offshore.”

The New Zealand VR/AR Association is the official New Zealand chapter of the global VRARA ( and celebrated its first anniversary in September ’17. Current strategic partners of the NZVRARA include M Theory, AR/VR Garage, Blackeye VR and PROJECTR.



For more on M Theory:
Samantha Ramlu
Managing Director, M Theory
Mobile +64 21 605 510 or

For NZVRARA information, or to arrange member access to the AR/VR Garage:
Courteney Lomas
Executive Director, NZVRARA
Mobile 027 738 9340 or

For more on the NZVRARA:
Michael Gregg
Mobile 021 838 583 or

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The New Zealand VR/AR Association Inc has appointed Courteney Lomas to the position of Executive Director. Courteney is the NZVRARA Student Chapter President and studied industrial design at Massey University Wellington, before joining the Association.

NZVRARA Chair, Michael Gregg, is delighted to welcome Courteney to the role and to the Executive Committee.

“Following our recent AGM, the new Executive Committee undertook to deliver a busy programme of Meetups and member workshops across the three main centres, as well as ramping up our communications and membership activities this year. Having an Executive Director with the high enthusiasm and energy that Courteney displays will be an important part of this delivery,” says Michael.

Courteney is based within Wellington’s PROJECTR Virtual & Mixed Reality Centre, as part of a strategic partnership between Projectr VR Ltd and the Association.

The New Zealand VR/AR Association was incorporated in September 2016 to serve its members operating in the virtual, mixed and augmented reality sector.

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The first NZVRARA annual general meeting was held on Thursday 29th June 2017, at Wellington’s new PROJECTR venue and chaired by Michael Gregg.

Thanks to retiring foundation committee members: Nigel Corbett, Tom Horder and Matthew Simmonds for their work in the first term of the Association.

The members unanimously agreed all resolutions as described in the Notice of AGM sent out to all members in early June. Thanks to everyone for attending and to PROJECTR for hosting.

UPDATE: The new Executive Committee has reappointed Michael Gregg as Chair and Amy Nally as Treasurer, and, in a new role, confirmed Courteney Lomas as its Student Chapter President.

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First NZVRARA AGM to be held at PROJECTR, Wellington 29/06/17

The New Zealand VR/AR Association Incorporated (NZVRARA) will hold its first Annual General Meeting on Thursday 29th June, 2017, at PROJECTR, New Zealand Virtual & Mixed Reality Centre, in the Wellington CBD.

All paid up members should have received via email, the formal Notice of AGM, our Audited Annual Accounts for the first year of the organisation and other documents relating to the upcoming AGM. Only paid up members are invited to this event, so please contact us at if you would like to join the NZVRARA prior to this event, or join up through this website.

We will have drinks and nibbles from 5.30pm, showcasing some member applications, prior to the AGM starting at 6pm.  We look forward to seeing all members at this milestone event.

2016/17 NZVRARA Executive Committee



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Hi NZVRARA members,

As we start the Xmas wind-up, it’s timely to update on our progress over the past quarter.

Since our incorporated society, THE NEW ZEALAND VR/AR ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED, was formed on October 4, 2016, we have registered over 85 members plus added sponsors & strategic partners to our fast-swelling group.

When we convened in September to formally incorporate the first ever New Zealand VR/AR Association, it was after many conversations across the sector where people were surprised to hear of like-minded folks working and researching in this exciting new sector, often in the same suburb or building. Creating a collaborative network is at the heart of our vision and we’ve built a member directory at for you to use to find and connect with each other. Please make sure to keep your profile up to date so others can get in touch with you.

Your Executive Committee (16 member board) has met monthly to report on progress and advance the collective vision we have agreed. An initial focus has been to get people meeting each other – and we’ve held meet ups in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

The Board has also adopted a comprehensive Strategic Plan and approved an initial budget to fund our activities to allow us to meet the organisation’s objectives during 2017. Thank you for paying your initial membership fees – this is vital for us to expand our membership services.

Recently some of our members presented at Parliament and we’re continuing to be asked for speakers and for demonstrations. Please let us know if you’re keen to do this, via your membership profile.

We’re aiming for our first Annual General Meeting in March 2017 plus a big conference next year, as well as continuing our monthly chats and meetups. We’re working on access to headsets, technology, and planning to hold workshops and more hands-on sessions and demonstrations.

Being part of the global VRARA ( as their official New Zealand Chapter will grow in importance as we make closer connections with global members, sponsors and bring them down under in 2017.

The entire Executive Committee has been working tirelessly to provide a solid foundation for the collective VR/MR/AR industry to connect, grow and expand offshore and I thank each of them for their effort and considered input over the past four months.

To all our members, if I don’t get a chance to share a conversation with you on the 13th (NZVRARA Xmas Meetups are being held in Christchurch, Auckland & Wellington), I hope you’re able to have a relaxing Christmas break and return safely for a fantastic New Year of rewarding opportunities.

Michael Gregg,
Chair, New Zealand VR/AR Association Inc.