The New Zealand VR/AR Association Inc. was formed to champion, support and grow innovation in the virtual, mixed and augmented reality in New Zealand

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    Our Mission

    Create a collaborative network of companies and individuals encouraging new ideas, innovation and support for New Zealand’s virtual, mixed and augmented reality industry.

    We are an incorporated society, welcoming all members from the cross-reality community – including VR developers and artists employed in the industry. We welcome enthusiasts, academic institutes, brands, communications companies, engineers, analysts and research firms, artists, animators, commercial game and film development studios, game designers, programmers, product managers, producers, testers, community managers, customer support and entrepreneurs. If you’re passionate about VR/AR/MR, be part of our national association – the official New Zealand Chapter of the global VRARA.

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    Our Goals

    Community: Create opportunities for influencers, companies and individuals to meet, showcase and collaborate on VR and AR innovations. We’re building a network for NZ VR/AR developers and storytellers to share advice, learnings and expect to have over 200 members by the end of 2017.

    Education: Building capability to ensure a strong digital talent pool in NZ. Assist members in growing their business, getting professional exposure, increasing profitability and reducing risks.

    Promotion: Promote the use of our creative, high potential VR, AR & MR sector to the global public, media, business, academia and Government.  Showcase our members innovations and build sustainable businesses that contribute to a stronger economy.

    Advocacy: Advocate for the sector’s needs to stakeholders, industry and government.

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    The Association

    Formed in September 2016, the New Zealand VR/AR Association Incorporated champions, supports and grows innovation within virtual and augmented reality in New Zealand.  We are focused on promoting dialogue, debate, collaboration and investment in this rapidly evolving area of technology.

    Our 16-strong executive committee are from Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington. Our members include Wellington-based virtual and augmented technology exporter 8i, Massey University and Victoria University, along with a number of emerging New Zealand companies, such as Auckland-based Imersia, and Christchurch-based Convecto.

    Our Strategic Partners are Rush Digital, Blackeye VR, Wellington’s Projectr VR and Auckland-based AR/VR Garage. We welcome other strategic partners or sponsors to our team.

    The NZ VR/AR Association (NZVRARA) is the New Zealand chapter of the VRARA – a global association, combining the best minds in virtual and augmented reality. This provides global connectivity for our members.


Our 16 strong executive committee sits across the country. Operations are coordinated by our Executive Director, Courteney Lomas.

  • michael-gregg
    Michael Gregg Chair & Foundation Board Member

  • Ghanum Taylor Board Member & Strategic Partner

  • Courteney Lomas Executive Director & Student Chapter President

  • jessica-manins
    Jessica Manins Foundation Board Member

  • Toni Moyes Foundation Board Member

  • Henry Lane Board Member

  • Ben Knill Foundation Board Member

  • Rachel Hatch Foundation Board Member

  • Kat Lintott Foundation Board Member

  • Danill Ivshin Foundation Board Member

  • Raqi Syed Foundation Board Member

  • Roy Davies Foundation Board Member

  • Brian Lucid Foundation Board Member