Hi NZVRARA members,

As we start the Xmas wind-up, it’s timely to update on our progress over the past quarter.

Since our incorporated society, THE NEW ZEALAND VR/AR ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED, was formed on October 4, 2016, we have registered over 85 members plus added sponsors & strategic partners to our fast-swelling group.

When we convened in September to formally incorporate the first ever New Zealand VR/AR Association, it was after many conversations across the sector where people were surprised to hear of like-minded folks working and researching in this exciting new sector, often in the same suburb or building. Creating a collaborative network is at the heart of our vision and we’ve built a member directory at for you to use to find and connect with each other. Please make sure to keep your profile up to date so others can get in touch with you.

Your Executive Committee (16 member board) has met monthly to report on progress and advance the collective vision we have agreed. An initial focus has been to get people meeting each other – and we’ve held meet ups in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

The Board has also adopted a comprehensive Strategic Plan and approved an initial budget to fund our activities to allow us to meet the organisation’s objectives during 2017. Thank you for paying your initial membership fees – this is vital for us to expand our membership services.

Recently some of our members presented at Parliament and we’re continuing to be asked for speakers and for demonstrations. Please let us know if you’re keen to do this, via your membership profile.

We’re aiming for our first Annual General Meeting in March 2017 plus a big conference next year, as well as continuing our monthly chats and meetups. We’re working on access to headsets, technology, and planning to hold workshops and more hands-on sessions and demonstrations.

Being part of the global VRARA ( as their official New Zealand Chapter will grow in importance as we make closer connections with global members, sponsors and bring them down under in 2017.

The entire Executive Committee has been working tirelessly to provide a solid foundation for the collective VR/MR/AR industry to connect, grow and expand offshore and I thank each of them for their effort and considered input over the past four months.

To all our members, if I don’t get a chance to share a conversation with you on the 13th (NZVRARA Xmas Meetups are being held in Christchurch, Auckland & Wellington), I hope you’re able to have a relaxing Christmas break and return safely for a fantastic New Year of rewarding opportunities.

Michael Gregg,
Chair, New Zealand VR/AR Association Inc.

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